Grocery Voice is a website that focuses on all aspects of the retail industry, in both current events and ideas as a whole. "We try to keep a light and positive perspective on the industry," said Lucas M. Finzi, owner of Grocery Voice. When asked about other blogs in the industry, Finzi said there is The Market Report, Progressive Grocer, Supermarket News, and Winsight Grocery Industry. He said these four blogs follow a different format to Grocery Voice, as they discuss the background of the industries and share in business-related insights. However, Grocery Voice takes these ideas to another level through thoughtful analysis. Grocery Voice focuses on industry trends and emerging brands, but it does not primarily sell its readers a certain method to retailing. Rather, the site focuses on highlighting and reviewing new techniques retailers are using to adapt and overcome the challenges in the retail industry.

Grocery Voice also oversees management of two other websites: A&P Preservation, a site that focuses on the history of the oldest and largest supermarket chain in America, A&P; and Phillipsburg Mall Memories, which serves as a resource for dead mall enthusiasts and fans of the infamous Phillipsburg Mall alike.

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